Why Backup Fire Sprinkler Heads Are Our Saving Grace

//Why Backup Fire Sprinkler Heads Are Our Saving Grace

Fire sprinkler heads form an important part of your fire safety system. They are considered as one of the most crucial elements, when it comes to extinguishing a fire before it has the time to spread. That is why you should always take proper safety measures to guarantee that your sprinkler heads remain in ideal condition.

You need to have backup fire sprinkler heads onsite constantly, as a part of maintaining your fire sprinkler system. This will assist you to abide by the appropriate precautions and guidelines. In this blog site, you will learn why it is so crucial to have spare sprinkler heads at all times.

Fire Sprinkler

1.) Safety Measures

When they reach a specific temperature level, fire sprinkler systems are geared up with heat bulbs that shatter. Once the bulb breaks, the sprinkler head opens, and water is released to put out the fire. The destruction of the bulb means that you will have to change your sprinkler heads right after the fire breaks out.

Furthermore, it is best to have your lawn sprinkler inspected after regular intervals to make sure everything is functioning well. If your sprinkler heads are dirty, then they may not work very well. Moreover, if they have been painted in any way, then they will need to be changed as soon as possible. Therefore, it is essential to have backups readily available at all times.

2.) Abide by Laws

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) imposes guidelines to guarantee fire sprinkler systems are adequate. Usually, the NFPA insists that building owners have at least six spare fire sprinkler heads available with them at all times.

The variety of additional sprinkler heads that you should have will differ based on the number of sprinkler heads utilised in your fire lawn sprinkler. For instance, if your building has 300-1,000 heads, then you must have 12 backup heads. You need to have at least 24 spare heads if your building has over 1,000 heads.

To monitor your additional heads and guarantee your building is up to par, it is best to analyse what kind of heads you utilise, the total number of heads you own, and when you purchased them. This paperwork can be quickly managed and tracked by your fire protection firm.


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