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The UK (United Kingdom) is one of the oldest and royal cultures known for safety education and training. The UK has become one of the top destinations to study around the world, is now the most popular destination for international students. We are leaving in the 21st century and here everything is modified and faster our studies as well. LSOS, UK giving an opportunity to those students how wants to improve their knowledge and quality in the profession.

Power plants are much safer now than they once were; however plant employees still encounter hazards like electrical shocks and burns, boiler fire and explosion and come in contact with hazardous materials or chemicals etc. the key to reduce accidents and mitigate the effects of accidents are by safe operational practices, proper training, good housekeeping and maintaining safe workplace for the workers.

Power plant safety engineering gives the idea to the learner to maintain safety standards, safety practice in power plant and manage the hazardous condition by identifying the risk.

Sr. Course Fees
1) Post Diploma in Power Plant Safety Engineering Rs.29,999
2) Advance Diploma in Construction Safety Management Rs.29,999
3) Advance Diploma Fire Prevention and Protection Rs.29,999
4) Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety and Hygiene Rs.29,999
5) Advance Diploma Management in Occupational Health Safety and Environment Rs.29,999
6) Advance Diploma in Oil and Gas Safety Engineering Rs.29,999
7) Master Diploma in Industrial Safety Engineering and Hygiene Rs.26,999
8) Master Diploma in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management Rs.26,222
9) Master Diploma in Oil and Gas Safety Engineering Rs.26,222
10) MBA in Fire and Industrial Safety Management Rs.47,899
11) MBA in Safety Management Rs.45,899

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